Top 10 Remote Work Myths

April 5, 2010

Don't fall for the Top 10 Myths of Remote Working!

There are a lot of false ideas and myths about working Remotely, but from a management and employee perspective, that it is important to understand what the Myths and Realities are. but together a good list, here is a quick summary: (for more details see their full article)

  1. Remote Work Myth #1 – Get Up When you Want.  Reality – You will rely on onsite and other Remote workers, that consistent hours will be important for productivity.
  2. Remote Work Myth #2 – Work When You Want.  Reality – You company may require you to work specific hours, a Remote Work Agreement should spell out your hours.
  3. Remote Work Myth #3 – Work in Your PJs.  Reality – Unless you are doing a lot of video conferencing, you might be able to get away with this, however studies have shown that people who get dressed properly each morning tend to have higher productivity and fell better about themselves.  So do everyone a favor, and get dressed!
  4. Remote Work Myth #4 – All Play and No Work, you can play Golf or Computer Games without accounting for your time.  Reality – This is a very risky move that could cost you your job.  It’s hard to be productive and golf at the same time, save the games for your non-work time.
  5. Remote Work Myth #5 – You can make Social Calls all day.  Reality –  Tying up your phone with personal calls may cause you to miss important work calls, if it’s a mobile phone you may be responsible for the charges.  Same as Myth #4, you can’t be productive while on the phone with your friends, save it for non-work time.
  6. Remote Work Myth #6 – You can spend more time visiting with family and friends – Reality – Using company time to visit with friends and family violates the trust placed in you and should be avoided.  However, the time you save from having to commute could give you more non-work time to spend with family and friends.
  7. Remote Work Myth #7 – You will never see the office again – Reality -There will be times that you are needed back in the office, if you like being away enjoy the peace and quite, but don’t broadcast it.
  8. Remote Work Myth #8 – You are owed and entitled to all the luxuries that hotels offer while traveling.  Reality – This is untrue, your company may be footing the bill for travel, but you need to use common sense and don’t run up charges unless you are prepared to pay for them yourself.
  9. Remote Work Myth #9 – You need all the latest and greatest gadgets.  Reality – You should only use the mobile gear that allows you to accomplish your job and that is absolutely required to do so.  Part of why companies allow employees to work remote is because they can save money, if the bills rack up on gadgets you might be pulled back into the office.
  10. Remote Work Myth #10 – Out of Sight, out of Mind. Working Remotly means the end of promotions and raises.   Reality – You haven’t fallen off the promotion track, be sure there are proper evaluation procedures in place and be productive and you should still see promotion opportunities.

If you have any other Myth’s and Realities about your Remote Working  experience, please let us know!

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