The Economic Benefits of Working from Home – The Research

According to a recent article in Inc. Magizine, reseach has shown that if everyone who could work from home in the United States (approx 40% of the work force) did so half of the time, the following annual benefits would accrue:

  • $200 Billion in productivity savings by American Companies!
  • $190 Billion in savings from reduced real estate expenses, electiricty bills, absenteeism and employee turnover.
  • 100 Hours per person not spem commuting
  • 50 Million Tons of greenhouse gas emissions cut
  • 276 Million Barrels of oil saved, or roughly 32% of oil imports from the Middle East.
  • 1,500 Lives not lost in car accidents
  • $700 Billion total estimated savings to American Businesses

These are big numbers and big savings.  The technologies and tools enabling people to productively work from home are getting better and better every day, so these numbers are more than achievable!

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