1.4M Employees in Candada Work at Home at Least Part Time

March 19, 2010

According to the latest Statistics Canada data, 1.4 million employees in Canada work at home at least part of the time.   This number should rise as  mobile data plans from Canadian carriers become more liberal, but it already represents a significant portion of the population.

According to the FinancialPost.com report, The challenge for organizations lies in ensuring we can do it properly, deliver on our goals and avoid losing control of employees.

“Mobile work is here to stay. It goes hand in hand with the revolution in information technology,” says Robert Fortier, president of the Canadian Telework Association. “Until someone destroys all things digital, it will continue to grow”.

The report suggests to start off by measuring quality, quantity and output of your remote workers.  This should give you a good indication of how productive they are.  Be careful though, some teleworkers can get “over measured” and you could get into an “paralysis by analysis” situation.  Trust is an important factor as well.
Maintaining good communication with your remote workers is critical to making sure that you are comfortable with their productivity and they don’t feel isolated.  Look at communication tools like Instant Messaging (AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and Skype) to enable real-time chatting, voice over IP communications, and video conferencing.   You can also look at online meeting tools for more formal meetings and presentations that require screen sharing.

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